About dancesteps

Dancesteps is a thriving dance school based in the Dublin 6 area, teaching Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre Dance to girls and boys from 4 to 18 years. dancesteps is run by Gillian Perdue who, along with having a Bachelor of Education, is also an ISTD & RAD trained teacher. At dancesteps, students learn Ballet, Modern and Jazz in a creative and caring environment with regular opportunities for performance and examinations.

We are a sister school of the Debbie Allen School of Dance in Dundrum and we often share dancers, expertise and exam sessions. dancesteps classes are run in two locations: the War Memorial Hall in Terenure on Mondays and Tuesdays and the Debbie Allen Studio in Dundrum on Saturdays.

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Gillian Perdue, B.Ed.(Hons), A.I.S.T.D.

Gillian trained initially with Jill Wigham and later with Debbie Allen in RAD Classical Ballet & ISTD Ballet and Modern. She has been involved with the Debbie Allen School of Dance, dancesteps' sister school, for many years. She holds her Associate ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, London). She has almost 30 years experience teaching Ballet, Modern and Jazz Dance. Gillian is also a Primary School teacher, having taught for many years in Tallaght and Rathfarnham. She is also a successful children's author, with many of her books, such as 'Adam's Starling' and 'Conor's Cowboy Suit', being published by O'Brien Press.


Why Learn to Dance?

At dancesteps, our motto is: Live it. Love it. Dance it.

These three short sentences sum up how I feel about Dance and its place in your life. I don't believe that there are two types of student, one who is 'just' doing it for a bit of exercise and to improve posture and another who is serious about dancing professionally. I believe that learning classical Ballet and Modern Dance should be a challenging and enriching experience for every student, whatever their ability. I teach dance because I love it, because I've been lucky enough to have it in my life since childhood and have experienced the great joy and physical benefits that dance brings. At dancesteps, I want my students to know that feeling also.

Live it.

Classical Ballet is, first and foremost, a tough discipline Good technique requires strength, perseverence, practice and self-control. So that's why Classical Ballet forms the basis for every dance class in the school.

Love it.

A skilled teacher can teach Ballet in such a way that the classes are challenging but enjoyable. With younger children, in particular, steps are taught as part of creative, story-themed classes in which the child feels as if she is taking part in an adventure. The aim is to deliver lessons that engage and challenge the student both physically and mentally.

Dance it.

So now the music is on and you're ready. You have practiced and trained hard and you know your work. You have sound technique and a sense of performance. It all comes together at last. You're really dancing. What a great feeling!